Yacht Club in Sant Feliu rent Any type of boat.

If what you want is a trip alone with family or with friends, the Nautical Club of Sant Feliu they can provide an infinite number of boats and sailboats for use and enjoyment.

Smaller boats are 6 meters, although you can also rent zodiacs of 4.5 meters, and the largest can reach 16 meters.

The Yacht Club recommends renting sailboats because with them the feeling of sailing at sea is much more real.

These boats guarantee the comfort of the person who rents.
You can browse all day and visiting almost every major creeks that are in the area of ​​Sant Feliu.

The price is very affordable and the boat comes with a full tank and a marine insurance if some accident happen.

For more information visit the web: http://www.cosasdebarcos.com/alquiler-barcos/en-cn-st-feliu-de-guixols-pr93/

VIDEO CLUB NAUTICO Sant Feliu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qUU9LTuZQE